The Moose in Springtime (with buttons, too!)

Last winter I discovered a moose in our yard–right in our
yard–in a tree ( There’s a Moose on the Loose )  and I thought
you might like to see what he looks like in springtime.

Here he is—see him?  And he now has antlers!—green branches have
sprouted out.  Seems content, doesn’t he?





(click to enlarge)

And in his honor, I have found some MOOSE BUTTONS you might
like to see–and look for for your own collection:


First one is my favorite—it’s about an inch in diameter—and is
applied metal on metal.

metal moose in silver color ©booksandbuttons

metal moose in silver color ©booksandbuttons



(click to enlarge)



Yikes–you’re thinking–if that’s her favorite, it’s going to be a
long slog here—but hang in there.  I have a little treat for you at
the end.

The next pair is known in the button world as a mother and daughter.
Same button, different sizes.  These are brass colored.

mother/daughter buttons ©booksandbuttons

mother/daughter buttons ©booksandbuttoclick to enlarge






Here is a pair of standing moose—walking westward . . .

two silver colored moose buttons, less than one inch in diam ©booksandbuttons

two silver colored moose buttons with borders,  less than one inch in diam ©booksandbuttons







And another standing fellow– he is
“thinking about” heading west . . .but

standing moose ©booksandbuttons

standing moose ©booksandbuttons

the most interesting thing about this
picture is the dots on the playing card
that look like silvered color cones




Here is an eye-catcher—nice embossed moose on
plain silvered plate

moose button ©booksandbuttons

moose button ©booksandbuttons






LAST button–I’m on thin ice here because it might be a
running deer instead of a moose—also heading west–what
IS it with the western profile?  Anyway, this is a button that
is on the( Old Framed Button Art )–remember that?

Running deer--a large button with 1 3/4" diameter--wood and paper mache ©booksandbuttons

Running deer–a large button with 1 3/4″ diameter–wood and paper mache ©booksandbuttons








And here is your treat . . .
I’ll end by quoting a bit of Elizabeth Bishop’s poem “The Moose”:

“From narrow provinces
of fish and bread and tea,
home of the long tides
where the bay leaves the sea
twice a day and takes
the herrings long rides,
…Through late afternoon
a bus journeys west . . .
an old conversation–not concerning us,
but recognizable, somewhere,
back in the bus . . .
Now, it’s all right now
even to fall asleep . . .
–Suddenly the bus driver
stops with a jolt,
turns off the lights.

A moose has come out of
the impenetrable wood
and stands there, looms, rather,
in the middle of the road.
It approaches; it sniffs at
the bus’s hot hood.
Towering, antlerless,
high as a church,
homely as a house
(or, safe as houses). . .”


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4 Responses to The Moose in Springtime (with buttons, too!)

  1. Stefanie says:

    The moose looks great with his leafy antlers! Love all the buttons too!

  2. Buttondeb says:

    Methinks that 6 Moose buttons doth a collection make–and a fine one at that!
    ( I agree that #7 is a deer–slimmer of head and neck)

    From E. Bishop to A. Guthrie: ( the sublime to the ridiculous, perhaps?)
    Mooses Come Walking
    by Arlo Guthrie

    Mooses come walking over the hill
    Mooses come walking, they rarely stand still
    When mooses come walking they go where they will
    When mooses come walking over the hill
    Mooses look into your window at night
    They look to the left and they look to the right
    The mooses are smiling, they think it’s a zoo
    And that’s why the mooses like looking at you

    So, if you see mooses while lying in bed
    It’s best to just stay there pretending you’re dead
    The mooses will leave and you’ll get the thrill
    Of seeing the mooses go over the hill

    • booksandbuttons says:

      Hi Buttondeb—what fun, and thanks for Arlo Guthrie–
      hadn’t heard it before– are they walking westward?

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