We Took to the Woods by Louise Dickinson Rich

Printed in 1942– Louise and her sister take a little
woodsy holiday–and Louise meets a Maine woodsman
guide and they get married and she leaves civilization
to live in the Maine woods.  Would you do that?  Could
you?  Well, it’s sort of fun to read about anyway–
This book was on our bookshelves when I was
growing up—it was a Book of the Month Book Club
selection–Mom was a  member–maybe I read it years ago.

We Took to the Woods 003


It’s easy reading–and the frequent photographs sprinkled
throughout make you picture yourself (or not!) living in
the wilds.  It’s about living where you only have
roads in three seasons—you are snowed in for
months at a time.

It’s also about favorite dogs, a little about kids, funny stories from
the “locals” and generally a folksy read amidst some primitive

The chapters are amusingly titled with questions people
ask from “Outside” —such as: “But How Do You Make a Living?”
and “Aren’t the Children a Problem?” and “Don’t You Get Awfully
Out of Touch?”

The book was an instant bestseller back when it was published–and
The New York Times blurb reads : ”  . . .uncommonly good reading”.
You’ll have to decide for yourself.  Kind of fun for summer reading.

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three dog review . . .






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