Faces of the Gone by Brad Parks

It’s book club night!  Yea!  I love book club night.  This month
we read Faces of the Gone by Brad Parks.  Have you read it?
It’s a mystery–his first of six I think–and reads right along . . .

The narrator, Carter Ross, is a newspaper reporter and writes
the story with a quick wit and a couple of twists.  Maybe he
indulges in writing about his being drunk, having a hangover,
being stoned, describing unpleasant threatening scenes with
the bad guys—-what has he got left for the next five books?—
that we’ve all read before, but I guess it’s what keeps the cash
register ringing and customers reading and returning.

The setting is Newark, New Jersey and I think he knows his
geography pretty well –describing the grittiness and drug selling in
the old neighborhoods.

Thought I had solved the mystery about half way through and
was pleased that I hadn’t!!  Kind of a fun read after Doctor Zhivago,
so I’m not really complaining.    Another one off the Summer Reading
Plan for 2015
 . . . check!

I’ll report here on the book club’s critique . . .
BOOK CLUB NEWS: they liked it!  Nice change from
out other fare for a change, and some will look for
later books by Brad Parks.  Liked the humor, the
characterization—gave some slack for parts that
might have seemed predictable.

NEXT MONTH is The Confessions of St. Augustine
hm-m-m-m-m.  I’ll save a seat for you on the third Tuesday.

two small plastic buttons from the 1950s ©booksandbuttons

two small plastic buttons from the 1950s ©booksandbuttons




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