Lake George Geography Lesson

We’ve been on a little library tour, haven’t we?  And there are
a couple more to go.  But I was thinking you might be happy to
see a general map of the area we are covering . . .

I grew up in the little town of Bolton Landing NY.  It is one of
several small villages that line the shores of Lake George.  The
lake itself is 32 miles long and is dotted with green islands.
Often people camp on those islands and one summer a group of
girls and I did, too.

Here is the map.  Click on it to enlarge—and then why not print
it right out to have it handy?!

sketch of Lake George NY and surrounding towns ©booksandbuttons

sketch of Lake George NY and surrounding towns ©booksandbuttons (click to enlarge)

On the map, there are seven small red dots.  Those are the towns where
we visited the libraries.  Of course there are plenty of others I’ll have to do
next time, and one of them, at Glens Falls, is not in Warren County, but still
you have a better idea of where we are.

We started in Bolton Landing (but saved that library for last) and went
in order to Diamond Point, Warrensburg, Lake George, Mountainside,
and Glens Falls.   The second day we started out again from Bolton Landing
and went to Brant Lake.

So what are my own memories of these towns?  Diamond Point–first
thought that always came to mind in the old days was that it was six
miles away.  Years later, O’Half and I, on a vacation, bought my first
antique teddy bear in a little fishing bait and lure general store there.
The woman had a few antiques she sold as well.

antique teddy bear ©booksandbuttons

antique teddy bear ©booksandbuttons





My very good friend from childhood
was from Diamond Point.  She moved
to Bolton and started first grade with



Warrensburg was a little larger town and had a school of its own.  They
were in our basketball league.  The school bus would take the team and
the cheerleaders (me) to the games at night.  It was always exciting to
see who you would be sitting with on those bus rides!

And my mother was in a bowling league that met in Warrensburg–
maybe at the old hotel “The Colonial Arms”.  We didn’t have much more
interaction with Warrensburg, but they had a good basketball team.

Lake George village.  Well! we always felt a little second-hand next to
Lake George.  Bolton was considered quite not up to snuff because Lake
George was the famous resort.  We played them in basketball, too, and
our band competed on parade days–and usually our band won!

“Mountainside” is a library you don’t know about yet—but you’ll
remember it I think when I tell you about it.  Anyway, to get there
you would drive around the southern area of the lake–see map!–
and be in the Dunham’s Bay area.  Never been there in my life!  We
just never went on the “east” side of the lake.

From there we went to Glens Falls—and THERE was where my
heart lay when I was little.  Glens Falls!!  That’s where we went
school shopping and where the girls who graduated from high
school went to work at the INSURANCE COMPANY.

old linen postcard from circa 1950 Glens Falls Insurance Company

old linen postcard from circa 1950 Glens Falls Insurance Company








This building was on Glen Street and if you went to the right,
that’s where the business section was with lots and lots of stores
for buying school clothes and shoes (oxfords) and fabric for
sewing some projects.  More about Glens Falls another time.

On another day we headed north on 9N out of Bolton Landing
and headed up the Tongue Mountain road toward Hague.  It was
in that area that I bought my *wonderful* Paris to the Moon book
by Adam Gopnik for a quarter a few years ago!

Lake George just north of Bolton Landing NY

Lake George just north of Bolton Landing NY




Hague–we played Hague in the basketball league, too, but only
went up that way otherwise to picnic at Rogers’ Rock or to pass
through on the way to visit Fort Ticonderoga.


On this day—aaargh—the little general store where I had hoped to buy
another book goodie had a sign—-‘thanks for 25 years, we’ve retired’.
Phooey.  So we drove around to check out the old Hague school—but
torn down and remodeled into community center.

Off we went across the countryside, leaving the lakeshore, and heading
toward Brant Lake.  Are you following on the map?  You’ll see a little red
dot over there, too and I’ll tell you about that library soon.

The scenery was beautiful on our travels–and nice to see old places.

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4 Responses to Lake George Geography Lesson

  1. Mary Jo says:

    The Colonial Arms in Warrensburg!!! Guess who stayed there? My parents and my 4 brothers and sisters and I — probably about 1957. I recall they had a bowling alley in the hotel, and also an indoor pool. A favorite memory is walking with family along a beautiful tree lined street, after Church, Fall leaves crunching underneath, on our way to a souvenir shop. I bought a wonderful milky-white fancy French baroque looking thing that had a little set of rosebuds at the top. Cherished that for years.
    This Lake George area library tour is a lot of fun! Thank you for the map too, it’s very helpful. Love the photos. I’d like to go on the van tour if you put that together!

    • booksandbuttons says:

      Hi Mary Jo! loved your comments! thanks. I wish
      I could see that milk glass “baroque looking thing” you
      bought. Bet it looked a lot like a milk glass bed lamp
      I had from that era—still have it!! (though there used
      to be two . . .)

  2. booksilver says:

    Brant Lake looks quite small compared to Lake George, on your map. But I suppose if Lake George is 32 miles long, Brant Lake might still be pretty big! I wonder if the people who live around the smaller lakes feel protective about them when it’s the big lake that gets all the attention….

    • booksandbuttons says:

      Hello again Booksilver. First of all, the map
      is not really to scale, but I believe Brant Lake is 5
      miles long—The internet sites get around that by saying
      the CIRCUMFERENCE is 16 miles. Not fair! Not the same
      thing! I don’t know if the people feel protective of
      it, but the day we were there, there was a little group
      of people swimming and having fun at one beach area.

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