David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell

This is the book club selection for tonight.  Last year we read
Outliers by the same author.  That book taught us why the people
who have REALLY succeeded in life–think Bill Gates, the Beatles–
why they’ve succeeded.  (Because they WORKED at it!)

This book discusses how the “little guy” can sometimes be a winner
even though the opponent is stronger, bigger, has more power, etc.
(David and Goliath, get it?)

It started out well—and I liked toying with the idea of either being a
Big Fish in a Little Pond or a Little Fish in a Big Pond . . .and there is an
interesting chapter on how dyslexia has been overcome by many who
went on to lead happy productive lives.

Gladwell hones in on lots of disadvantages a person might start out with–
and yet succeed.

But, in my opinion, Outliers was a better book.  This one became almost

Next month: Mudbound  by Hillary Jordan.  Join us!

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