Shopping Ahead!

I have a new plan for you.  For those of you who can still see pretty
well without glasses.  It all started last week when I went into a drugstore
to buy

some makeup for my friend.  She was running out of Revlon Blush
and wanted me to buy a new one.   It was an old sample and she admitted that
that particular color or shade had probably expired. It was Rosy Rapture.  So–
my job was to find a new blush of NEARLY the same color.  Some one else had
already tried and that had been a disaster—too pink!!

So I was under the gun here to do my best.  I sailed into the drugstore–and my
friend waited in the car.  I found the Revlon display, and finally the rows of blushes
that looked like the right packaging.

I studied the remains of the old blush—put the shade in my head and began to
look over the display.

  1. You would be surprised that even though you think you have the exact color in
    your head———you don’t.  You must compare them side by side.
  2. When you select a likely candidate and pull it out from the shelves–the ones in
    the back sliding eagerly forward to lock the spot–you see at a glance it won’t do
    and then you have to try to squeeze the rejected one back–to the dismay of all
    the wannabees who figured they’d be next for sale . . .
  3. The days of a helpful “cosmetics” counter girl at the drugstore are gone forever.
    You might not believe this, but when I was growing up there was always a cheery
    young woman in “Cosmetics”—-Marjorie or Dottie—and she knew everthing
    about lipstick and rouge and makeup.  Who wouldn’t yearn to have a job like that
    when one grew up?
  4. But today there is no one in sight—except a cashier up front who is waiting on a line of
    people.  Sometimes you’ll get lucky and a clerk might be filling the shelves–
  5. HAVE I MENTIONED that the display of blushes, three rows of them! are just
    about nine inches from the floor.  The point is–if you wear glasses, you can’t see the
    little tiny words with the cutesy name of the blush WITH your glasses–too far away–and you can’t see them WITHOUT them–too far away.   No chance of reading a word.
    I say the way to SELL things is to have them within the customer’s eye view!  Call me crazy.
  6. By pulling them out one by one—hopelessly looking for old Rosy Rapture, I
    found Blushing Berry (too deep), Petal (too wishy-washy), Wine Not (two points
    for a cute name, but no match), Oh Baby! Pink (for someone who is maybe 13)–
    and was about to cry when I pulled myself up by the bootstraps and went looking
    for a clerk.  I’ll take a chance here and mention that a female was running the
    checkout register–who knows how this would have ended with a male . . .

Very helpful!  Together we found something (Naughty Nude) that seemed a pretty
good match, and I took it out to the car for an OK by my friend.  Check.  And I checked
out.  Long, long line at checkout by this time, (heh-heh) but oh, well.

Now here’s my point—–I hope you knew I had one.  If you are still able to see things way down below your knees–even read tiny print down there—buy up all those shelves worth of stuff now. You will be so glad in years to come.  Otherwise, you just won’t have the opportunity to buy them.  Oh, the internet you say?  Well, good luck matching colors from an old case of blush to a picture on a screen.Buy up all the lower shelves now.  I know you will thank me.  Go ahead—go all around the store while you’re at it!   You’ll use it all someday.  Like money in the bank!

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2 Responses to Shopping Ahead!

  1. FictionFan says:

    Hahaha! I have these “varifocal” lenses now so have to tilt my head up to see small print – makes those low shelves even more exciting!

    • booksandbuttons says:

      Hi Fiction Fan! Well, continually tilting your head UP in
      order to see—that’s good! Keeps those chins in shape. Wish
      I had them! Thanks for tuning in–

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