An Affinity for Murder by Anne White

This book was given to me because the setting is Lake George NY.
That’s where I grew up and so I was curious about how true the
writing would be . . .

It was very true—author has captured the essence of living by the
lake—and thrown in a dead body and mystery just for the fun of it!

The plot turns around the fact that the artist Georgia O’Keefe summered
at the lake for a few years.  Some people in the book think there may be
some paintings hidden away in attics, in summer houses, and if so, those
paintings would be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to the lucky
owners.  Maybe worth enough to kill for!

This is not the first mystery the author has written with the Lake George
background and I’ll have to investigate the others, too.  But aside from
stealing some local names that were recognizable to me (!) she has written
a pretty tight believable mystery with an edge to the characters.

Three button mystery rating:

early blue glass buttons

early blue glass buttons

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