A Murder Is Announced by Agatha Christie

Three Agathas in a row!  Who said it couldn’t be done?  I had been waiting
for my new trade paperback copy to arrive—even tho I had started reading it
in my old yellowed pulp copy . . .

but I still had plenty to read with my new book. (I have read this mystery before but
much time has passed so I had forgotten the plot.)

It is announced in the little English village Gazette that there will be a murder at
Miss Letitia Blacklock’s house at 6:30 pm on the upcoming Friday night.

” Odd,”think all her neighbors—-and vow to go to the party. They expect that it will be one of those murder games with blindfolds and someone is designated the murderer . . .

But! nope. There really IS a murder! (As you and I might have guessed.) And guess who
just happens to be in the little village visiting those particular few days following the deed-
—Miss Marple!

This mystery is a good typical Christie—English village, several spinsters, a visiting pair of
cousins –well, we assume they are cousins–haven’t really been seen in about twenty
years . . .and photos are ripped out of an old family album, so no way of knowing. . . a vicar, a colonel, some silly-dotty wives and a LOT of money to be inherited very, very soon—as soon as a sick old lady drops dead.

Go ahead and choose this one, it’s one of the tops in the Christie stable.

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five antique blue glass buttons ©booksandbuttons


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