End of September . . .

And what pleasant weather!  A few rainy days and nights won’t hurt because we had some landscaping work done—-a row of skip laurels . . .LOVELY! and they’ll make a nice tall

hedge in a year or so–will post a photos of th 4 foot high ones right now.  I love them!  The rainy times this fall will be good for them.

Row of nine skip laurels at end of driveway. Also known as Cherry or English laurel. ©booksandbuttons

Row of nine skip laurels at end of driveway. Also known as Cherry or English laurel. ©booksandbuttons

One of my neighbors came over to take a look and was very interested in the name of the landscaper, and a handyman—She’s thinking of extending her tiny little front porch into a big

wide one.  O’Half thinks she needs our “real” handyman who is also a certified carpenter.  So we told her about him when we saw her out walking yesterday.  She was thrilled–and said,

“Oh, maybe he can fix my drywall!”

“My drywall!!!!”   She must be a real person–knowing about ‘drywall ‘ and all.  You could have waited about fifty years before I would ever say the word ‘drywall’.  I was impressed.  To this moment as I type this, I’m not exactly sure what drywall is, but then—

Summer has flitted by and still Don Quixote sits on my bedstand.  (Let’s review that very nice French phrase–the books on my nightstand: “Les livres à mon chevet”.)Yet, I’m back to reading it, and laughing aloud.  I’m almost finished with book I–and still have the monster Book 2 to go.  (For those of you not in the know—DonQuixote was written in two “books”.  I guess Cervantes still had some ink lefrt in his pen when he finished Book 1 in 1605, so he went right ahead and wrote more than 300 pages in Book 2.On the bright side, I’ve discovered that the edition I bought last spring–the Restless Classics edition is tied in with an 8 part video series led by Quixote scholar Ilan Stavans and I’m looking forward to watching those to help ease me through the l-o-n-g journey ahead with “Don” and Sancho.

Also, for the fun of it, I think I’d like to try to do a watercolor of Don Quixote and I think I might

have him dressed in a sweatshirt with “D” “Q” written on it!!  Unlikely, hm?  STill, we do what we have to to keep interested in this game of reading  . . .

Have you read it?  Would love to hear your comments about Don Quixote when you have time.

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  1. Stefanie says:

    I’ve read Don Quixote and liked it very much! The ending brought me to tears. I found the middle a bit of a slog at times but well worth it. Enjoy!

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