Heaven Sent by Helena Rubenstein

When I was out button shopping last week at my favorite antiques group shop, (The Peoples Store, in Lambertville, New Jersey), I was looking in the glass cases downstairs and spied–really *spied* an old bottle that threw me back to the past. The bottle was an old perfume bottle and I’m *sure* we had it when I was a little girl. The perfume was “Heaven Sent” and when I did a little online research, I discovered it was created by Helena Rubenstein in 1941 as a scent “innocent, fresh and beautiful”. Well, the bottle that I remembered must have belonged to my older sister because I was still in my crib in 1941.

I had a little conversation with the clerk about it–which turned out to be almost as much fun as seeing the old bottle full of memories:

Me: Heaven Sent!! Remember Heaven Sent?
Clerk:  And Jean Naté??? Remember Jean Naté?
Me: Don’t forget Evening in Paris !!  That old cobalt blue bottle–
Clerk:  Yes! Evening in Paris!
Me: And then we graduated to Wind Song . . .
Clerk: Prince Matchabelli–

Yes, yes, yes—she hit it on the nose—omg, Prince Matchabelli–how important that sounded in those old days!  Delightful old memories.  Hope it rings a bell in your past, too–

Can you guess that I went back and bought the bottle the next day? So sweet.

old bottle of Heaven Sent perfume by Helena Rubenstein 1941 ©booksandbuttons

old bottle of Heaven Sent perfume by Helena Rubenstein 1941 ©booksandbuttons

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4 Responses to Heaven Sent by Helena Rubenstein

  1. booksilver says:

    I had tiny bottles of perfume as favors for a birthday party when I was a young girl. Those bottles were Bluuuue! A lovely rich shade of blue. Probably Evening in Paris, don’t you think?

  2. Buttondeb says:

    Does the bottle still have some of the scent? It looks as though it does…
    Yardley’s English Lavender would be my contribution to the conversation!

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