Patio Pots—-Thriller, a Filler, and a Spiller

There you have it–the formula for your patio pots or planters.  Find a thriller–a showpiece for color or pizzazz like my red geranium.  Then use a “filler”–I used Dracena spike–and it looks pretty good (when it’s not gale force winds!)
and then a “spiller” or vine type falling out of the pot like my purple scabiosa or as the nursery woman called it “scabiola”.

The photos need work and the arrangement a little time to spread out and enjoy the sun . . . but you have the idea I hope.  Have fun!




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6 Responses to Patio Pots—-Thriller, a Filler, and a Spiller

  1. Mary Jo Cutty says:

    They look so nice! Summer’s finally here! 🙂

  2. Margaret says:

    A great tip! I should have you come fix my paltry porch pots ….

  3. Buttondeb says:

    Very nice. I especially like how the pool blue background sets off the pot!
    Now what was it again–thriller, spiller, Maniller…?

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