Summer Reading List for 2017

summer reading plan for 2017  *** have added another!  and another!see below ***

The Racketeer    by John Grisham X                 June book club selection

Noise of Time   by Julian Barnes       X               July book club selection about Russian composer Shostakovich

Anna Karenina    X   Leo Tolstoy                      August book club selection—it’ll be a reread for me

Eye of the Needle  by Ken Follett       X             September book club selection

The Trees             Conrad Richter         X

The Case of the Thirty Nine Cufflinks  X   by James Anderson                for fun
reissue of old 1930s mystery published by Poisoned Pen Press

The Case of the Mutilated Mink    X      by James Anderson                   for fun
reissue of old 1930s mystery  published by Poisoned Pen Press

A Common Life (recap of wedding in Mitford series)       X                 by Jan Karon            for fun

Commonwealth                                       by Ann Patchett        maybe . . .

Too Lucky to Live                                     by Annie Hogsett    maybe  –pub by Poisoned Pen

*** Lorna Doone by R. D. Blackmore    on classic reading lists–

The Lexus and the Olive Tree by Thomas Friedman—because I admire the author so much and have never read anything by him . . .

(X means it’s read)

Well, this is a poor excuse for a post, but am musing about what I should read this summer by the pool.  The trouble is there’s no “thriller”–that is a really decent “heavy” classic worth reading like last summer’s Don Quixote.  Well, of course, Anna Karenina is a heavy classic but I’ve already read that so it doesn’t count.  Shall we say that The Trees by Conrad Richter will be the classic?  Ok, let’s.  the rest are kind of vapid and light—(fillers and spillers if you get my drift . . .)

What are you going to read?   Three of mine are book club selections and I’ve finished one, so that’s a step in the right direction.  Actually, I’ve also finished the Cufflinks one–and it really was fun to read—good old Inspector Wilkins and sidekick, Leather, are in it–and in the “mink” too.   Not as good as the cufflinks one tho.   I’m looking forward to Noise of Time.

Maybe I”ll still come up with a worthy title—to be continued–bye!

PS!  R. D. Blackmore . . .  the R. D. stands for Richard Doddridge-or maybe you already knew that–  check out new post about Lorna Doone and why I’ve chosen it–

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