musing about Nancy Drew . . .

Announcement:  10 days later, I’m adding a postscript about the puzzle, see end of post for important information!–Have just received a giant jigsaw puzzle–all about Nancy Drew!  There are over 1000 pieces and the picture is of SEVERAL old
titles—can you name them?  any of them?  For the fun of it, in the middle of the night, I tried to see how many I could come up with off the top of my head.  I’ll list them below–and give the little clue words that  helped me think of titles.  The clue words might be enough to have you guessing them, too.  Try it.

2. Attic
3. Bungalow
4. Letter
5. Larkspur

6.Red Ranch
7. Scarlet Slipper
8. Witch Tree
9. Hollow Oak
10. Blackwood Hall

11. Whispering
12. Whistling
13. Tapping
14. Tolling
15. Crumbling

16. Bannister
17. Staircase
18. 99 Steps
19. Puppet
20. Wooden Lady
21. Showboat

22. Phantom
23. Dragon
24. Pearl
25. cipher
26. Parchment

are you with me?  can we add just six more??
27. Locket
28. Diary
29. Jewel Box
30.  aargh . . .  Ski Jump (last one I ever read in “real” time)

31. hmmmmm . . . this one’s up to you–can you fill it in for me?

ah, took Woody for a walk and two more occurred to me–good old chestnuts–don’t know how I forgot them! (no looking it up, of course!)  Here are the clues:

31. BBT

32. MMM

Do you see how I kind of grouped “like” images together to help?  Five gerunds are my favorite” whispering, whistling, tapping, tolling and crumbling–a nice batch of five!

The staircase/ bannister/ 99 steps group isn’t bad either.

Bye–very busy here!!  ps the puzzle is by Cobble Hill–and fun to do!

Finished now, and it WAS fun to do!  However, I want to warn you that Cobble Hill packages some of their puzzles in smaller boxes now, and this puzzle was one of them. The box is only about 9 inches square and 2 inches deep.  The problem is that all those book titles are really SMALL on the smaller box and it’s difficult to see them to work the puzzle.  In the end, I went out and bought the same puzzle in the old REGULAR sized larger puzzle box.  And guess what!  The puzzle comes in two different editions.  I had to be sure the titles were arranged the same as the puzzle I’d already started.  It proved to be a wise move and much, much easier to see the titles to use as a guide in working the puzzle!!  Still and all,  wonderful puzzle and I highly recommend it, just be careful if you order it online or at amazon and check on which box will be used for your puzzle . . .  bye again!


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2 Responses to musing about Nancy Drew . . .

  1. Buttondeb says:

    I am beyond impressed. I couldn’t even remember any of the titles if I were wide awake, let alone in the middle of the night.
    Wait! That’s not quite true–some of them begin with ” The Mystery of the…”
    Hope your other readers are more worthy of the challenge!

    • booksandbuttons says:

      and then there’s “Clue of thr . . .” and “The Secret of the . . .”
      thnaks of the comment–study! (or reread some!)

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