The Guest Room Bookshelf . . .

Recently when I was with Other Half previewing an art auction I saw that the
auction house was featuring a Book Sale, too!  Hurray!  Lots and lots of books to look through–the vast number of them was overwhelming–after a while some books seemed to stand out, not for their interest, but because they were so UNinteresting!  I began to play around in my mind to assemble a bunch of books that would be humorous as selections in a guest room if you were staying overnight.

Book Auction at Alderfer’s Auction House in Hatfield PA ©









Ah, you would think–nice—a nice little bunch of books on the bookshelves to read later tonight after I’ve unpacked.  And later, when the appointed time came to settle back and relax until an early morning breakfast in the morning, you would reach for one of the books and—-put it back!  reaching for another.

Here are the titles that might be there.  Do any of them tempt you?

Everyday Lives of the Incas

Thomas’ Register of American Manufacturers

The Peterkin Papers

Woman’s Day Book of House Plants

 1952  Bituminous Coal Annual

Samantha in Saratoga

A Second Book of Operas

The Seven Ages of Washington

The Young  McKinley

Next year stay at someone else’s house!

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6 Responses to The Guest Room Bookshelf . . .

  1. booksilver says:

    Hey, the Peterkin Papers is actually quite funny! I remember that from my childhood…. I see what you’re saying, though! Perhaps the most popular books had been pulled out already.

    • booksandbuttons says:

      Yes, I figured someone would support one of the selections! I have heard of The
      Peterkin Papers but still, seemed humorous as an old chestnut on the shelf . . . but
      you get points for trying!

  2. Mary Jo Cutty says:

    Toooo funny!!! I looked a couple of them up — no, don’t think so! It’s an interesting idea though … 🙂

  3. Margaret Hanson says:

    Here’s an interesting and related article about how writers organize their books on their bookshelves!

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