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Walden by Henry David Thoreau

Walden by Henry David Thoreau is the monthly selection of my book club for April. I have read it before — but since that was in April 1965, somehow not all the details come to mind! 

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We Took to the Woods by Louise Dickinson Rich

Printed in 1942– Louise and her sister take a little woodsy holiday–and Louise meets a Maine woodsman guide and they get married and she leaves civilization to live in the Maine woods.  Would you do that?  Could you?  Well, it’s sort … Continue reading

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A Trip to Mystic CT

We took a little holiday and drove up to Mystic CT last week. It’s a beautiful little historical town on the Connecticut shore, across from Long Island.  There are several reasons to visit, including Mystic Seaport where all the whaling … Continue reading

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Trip to New England at end of summer

I love New England.  Everybody likes the thought of New England—blue oceans, white sailboats, autumn leaves, snowy fields, steepled churches. My husband and I took a few days to celebrate an anniversary and drove up to the Mystic CT area.  … Continue reading

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